Items with EST Navy insignia

The Naval Officers’ Club (LOK) is pleased to announce that LOK will continue to offer products with EST Navy insignia with the permission of the Chief of the Navy. This small list has been created for this purpose and will be expanded according to the suggestions and possibilities of those who wish. A small inventory has been created for the products and more will be ordered when they run out. Those interested in the products can send their wishes to the email address , and LOK member will let you know whether the desired product is available in the requested quantity or needs to be ordered. Information about paying for the products is also given with the same email.

Payment for items is normally made only by transfer to LOK’s current account, for which LOK will send separate instructions when the order is executed. Other method of the payment can be arranged.

  1. EST/EUR car licence plate base with EST Navy moto. 6 EUR pc
  2. Porcelain mug with EST Navy insignia, 6 EUR pc
  3. Drink bottle with EST Navy insignia. 6 EUR pc
  4. Cap with EST Navy insignia (blue) 15 EUR pc
  5. Cap with EST Navy insignia (white). 15 EUR pc
  6. EST Navy tie pin and cufflink set (includes jacket lapel pin). 15 EUR set. Also available as separate parts – tie pin 7 EUR, cufflinks 10 EUR.
  7. Pin for the jacket. 2 EUR pc
  8. Vildmark thermos with EST Navy insignia. 17 EUR pc
  9. XD thermos with EST Navy insignia. 17 EUR pc
  10. Estonian Navy patch. 5 EUR pc
  11. Mine Warfare Squadron patch. 5 EUR pc
  12. Combat Service Support Squadron patch. 5 EUR pc
  13. Patrol Boat Squadron patch. 5 EUR pc
  14. EST Navy logo embroidered terry bath towel 70x140cm (navy blue). 25 EUR pc
  15. Naval Officers Society of Estonia patch. 5 EUR pc