LOK vapp

The Naval Officers Society of Estonia  is a nonprofit organization which incorporates present and former officers of the Estonian Navy.

In 2004 twenty three naval officers decided to establish an association which could provide opportunity to beguile the time together also outside of the frames of the every day duty. Later united action for prosperity of the Navy became as one of the objectives.

The goals of the Society are to:

  • consolidate the fellowship among naval officers;
  • develop the social communication skills of naval officers;
  • contribute to strengthening of the Estonian defence capability;
  • participate in cultivating and deepening of the will of defence among people of Estonia;
  • develop naval professional skills;
  • unite military and civilian personnel who are interested in development of the Navy;
  • cooperate with similar domestic and foreign organizations;
  • stand for the interests of members of the Society;
  • create opportunities for entertainment, sport and leisure events for members of the Society;
  • support members of the Society.